Natural Stone Slab and GTA Importers

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Natural Stone Slab: GTA Importers

If you are thinking of installing natural stone granite or marble slabs countertops in your home, you should visit GTA stone showrooms. Some of the best Toronto area stone importer-distributors maintain large showrooms where members of the general public can go to see a wide variety of stone slabs and other products. Seeing actual slabs is very different than merely looking at small samples, and can inspire entire design schemes! Most of us have no idea of the range of colours and patterning available in granite, marble, and other stone, so a visit to a good showroom can be a real education. But how do you choose a supplier of natural stone slabs? Here are some hallmarks of a good stone importer-distributor:
  • Independent company. With large chains, employees may not have the expertise to help you properly. Stone is bought in bulk and questions about the source of the stone or the process by which it has been finished may be left unanswered. Independent stone suppliers, on the other hand, have a direct relationship with the quarries that they source stone from. Many of them have been dealing with specific stone quarries around the world for years, and have visited the places where their stone comes from. An independent supplier has more at stake, and thus cares more about his or her product. Stone import businesses are often family enterprises, and you may find more than one generation of family members working in the showroom!
  • Track Record. Choose a company that’s been in business for more than a few years. Some of the best GTA importers have been around for decades, and have hundreds of clients that can recommend their company. Do internet searches and ask friends, family, co-workers, and neighbours for their recommendations. If you like a supplier’s showroom but don’t know anyone who has used their services, ask a company representative if they can provide references from a former client.
  • Showroom. When you visit the company’s showroom, pay close attention to how employees treat you. Are you welcomed? (One GTA importer even offers its customers espresso, making a stop at Starbucks unnecessary!) Does the supplier have a lot of stone on display, or just a few examples? Do you see the colours and patterns you want in the showroom?
  • Expertise of staff. Are your questions answered well? When you leave, do you feel as if you know a lot more about stone than you did when you arrived? Can staff tell you where a particular stone comes from and how it’s processed?
  • Prices. When you shop for a stone countertop, you want a price that’s fair, but not necessarily the lowest price. Very low prices could indicate inferior stone or cheap processing practices.

Buying a Natural Stone Slab

Once you’ve selected a unique and beautiful stone slab, the next step is to "tag” it, or reserve it. Stone importers don’t sell slab directly to the public, so your fabricator will have to order it. He or she can then create your one-of-a-kind countertop!
Visit a stone importer’s showroom today, and learn more about natural stone countertops.